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Doctor Who Crossover Ficathon

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dw_cross is a Doctor Who crossover request-based anonymous ficathon. For more information, see the about page. Please join and watch the community if you're participating.
April 19: Sign Ups Start
May 10: Sign Ups End
May 24: Assignments sent.
July 12: Deadline to submit your fic
Mid-July: Fic posted!
  1. Please fill out the sign-up form and join the community to join. You are welcome to watch the community without participating, but please do not join if you don't plan to participate.
  2. There is no age limit for participants. However, every participant must state their rating limit - that is, the highest rating they are willing to write. All rating are allowed, but all fics must be clearly rated and marked for any warnings.
  3. All fics must be at least 1000 words long. There's no upper limit as to length.
  4. Fics must be spellchecked, relatively grammatically correct and preferably beta-read. If you need help finding a beta reader, please email the moderators.
  5. This is an anonymous exchange. Do not post your fic before it is posted here. Do not publicly claim it as your own before the reveal and masterlist are posted here.

    All fics will be posted under the moderator account dwcrossmod. Both moderators (such_heights and avendya) will use this account interchangeably. To submit your fic, email it as an attachment to dwcrossmod@gmail.com. It should include all the HTML markup you would like used.

    Please use the below header for your fic:

  6. An assignment will be emailed to you from dwcrossmod@gmail.com. Please make sure you can recieve emails from this address. You must respond to your assignment email, so that we know that the assignment is OK and you're still participating. If you can't write the assignment, email us as soon as possible, and we'll attempt to reassign you. If we don't hear from you in a week, I will comment on your journal and post here the list of people we haven't heard back from. If we still haven't heard from you another week after that, we will assume you are no longer participating. (If you know in advance you won't be around during that time, just email us or comment here.)
  7. If you dropped out last year after June 9th, you cannot sign up again. You can, however, sign up as a pinch-hitter.
  8. If you cannot finish your fic, or need an extension, let us know as soon as possible. I assure, it will be no fun for either of us if I have to track you down.
  9. Have fun!
avendya, such_heights

Contact: dwcrossmod at gmail dot com or comment here